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HTTPS Certificates

Website https Readiness Check

Before adding https to your website, we need to go through your website and ensure it is https ready. This involves checking every page to make sure there is no insecure 3rd party content, and if your site is more than a year or two old, some other updating may be necessary. We also configure it to always use https instead of http, and re-submit your newly secured site map to Google Search Console.
Readiness check fee: $200+GST

All new GuestTraction websites are launched with https as standard.

Getting Secured

For your website to display as secure, it needs both a readiness check and a security certificate. There are two kinds of certificate to choose from. If you are unsure as to which you require feel free to ask our friendly team.

1) Shared (SAN) Free SSL Certificates

In most cases, all you need to avoid any negative Google rankings, and give visitors peace of mind, is a shared ("SAN") free certificate. This just secures all data sent to and from your website in a very cost effective way. There is no purchase or renewal fee for these certificates. An additional $5/mth hosting fee applies.

2) Commercial SSL Certificates

If you wish to provide or purchase your own security certificate, we can assist with this process and/or perform it on your behalf. In addition to securing all data sent to and from your website, this option can also verify your organisation's identity and display this to the visitor. There are many types of certificate available which we are happy to discuss with you. These generally start at USD$100 per year for purchase and renewal.

Because GuestTraction's hosting platform is on a multi-server, resilient configuration, this option requires provision of your own Load Balancer, with your certificate configured on it. 
An additional $80/mth hosting fee applies for your own load balancer, depending on expected traffic volume.

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