ChannelSurfer Channel Management

Channel Management

Welman gives you access to the most powerful Channel Management tool on the market with friendly local support. ChannelSurfer is designed to give properties a totally integrated online distribution solution to maximise online revenue.

ChannelSurfer - Online Channel Management


Our pooled inventory model means you can show all available rooms across all booking sites, at all times. ChannelSurfer automatically adjusts inventory when a booking occurs across any site. Increase the distribution of rooms without worrying about over-bookings and maximise exposure and revenue.


We give you a dedicated account manager who not only helps you get connected to channels you are already part of, but helps you through the process of connecting to those sites you aren’t. Welman has spent time investing in relationships with each online travel agent to help streamline the sign up process.


Channel Surfer connects to the world’s leading online booking sites directly ensuring properties of all sizes can maximise their online exposure, increase revenue and reduce the time it takes to update rooms across all websites. View our supported channels list.

NZ Support

Channel Surfer support is based in Wellington with office hour support and 24-7 on call staff members for urgent after hours support. This means you deal with support staff members who understand your needs and as well as share the same time zone.

+GST per month
*Requires Webrooms

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